Society For Ethnomusicology Against Music as Torture

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was tortured by the University of Oregon (according to the Society For Ethnomusicology)

I was forced to listen to John Cage’s 4:33 during a digital video class. There is no more brutal, ruthless, nay – heinous form of torture in existence.

WARNING: By watching the video below you agree not to hold responsible for any emotional, physical, or psychological damage. View at your own risk.

I nearly lost control of my bowels… 

Here is a little interview with Professor Philip Bohlman of the University of Chicago: the president of the Society of Ethnomusicologists. Good to know that the Society did it’s homework before making it’s statement…


3 Responses to “Society For Ethnomusicology Against Music as Torture”

  1. stupidtom Says:

    that guy owes me four minutes of my life back.

  2. Andrew Says:

    …as well as an apology.

  3. elizabethcolclough Says:

    I missed my calling as a composer of silent music

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