Firefox to Warp 10 – Engage

If you have Broadband, this will double your download speed in Firefox. I will include the transcript to the video tutorial below. Huge props to Mac Talk.

Maybe I am the last one on the planet to do this but – Boom!!!



  1. Open Foxfire (ha!) Firefox
  2. in URL box type “about:config” >Enter
  3. In Filter type: “network
  4. scroll to Network.http.pipelining
  5. Change to “True” (Double click)
  6. Change network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to “10
  7. Quit Firefox and re-launch


UPDATE: Confirmed on PC by Matt and Jon

7 Responses to “Firefox to Warp 10 – Engage”

  1. Matt Turkington Says:

    Apparently 8 is the largest value it actually recognizes:
    Thanks, Philip!

  2. Andrew Says:

    Danget – I was just going to try 945,780,421.



  3. Andrew Says:

    I used to have FasterFox installed but never noticed such a good boost. I know the Prefetching is a little controversial (like – I wouldn’t use it at work). However – I’m payin’ good bucks for my Comcast bandwidth at home yet using a tiny %age – and so I feel I should get the best bang for my buck. Preload to my hearts desire!

  4. stupidtom Says:

    thank you that is awesome!!!

  5. Andrew Says:

    Everyone loves a good speed burst!

  6. Bobzhuman Says:

    Confirmed on 2.5ghz dual processor Mac….speedy!

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