I Want To Take Those Profits – Hillary Clinton

You know, when I started this blog I wasn’t planning to write so much about political crap but there are so many asinine things going on these days, I couldn’t help it.

Educate yourself – Here’s a discussion over a clip from Hillary Clinton by Larry Kudlow and Hugh Hewitt a few days ago: UPDATEVideo at bottom

  1. I apologize for the shrillness (keep in mind – if she becomes president in 08, that’s the voice you are going to have to hear all the time). Coincidentally, I have included a cliff-notes style transcript below…
  2. Does she think that the oil companies stole this money from people?
  3. Does she even have the most basic clue about how business and economics works?

What do people do with Profits? They invest them. Either in more business (expansion, jobs, process, R&D, better facilities) or Other companies (Includes buying things from them: helps them do the same stuff just mentioned).

Here is the big point though. Who would you rather have working on Alt. Fuels: Government Money, or Private Money? In business there is a bottom line. A product must be desired or needed to be profitable. Therefore – private business will have to create a better alt. fuel vehicle cheaper and more innovative than government. If their product isn’t affordable and worth it – they go bankrupt. That’s huge incentive to do it right. Private companies have to offer you something you value more than your money.

Government has no bottom line. They throw money at something whether or not it is really a good idea or not. The product does not necessarily have to be profitable or innovative. Worst of all – if they don’t make their budget, what happens? They ask for more money!!! And guess what – government is the only entity that can force you to give them money.

This is the thing I just cannot understand about Socialists. How can you trust government to do a better job at something than yourself? Private Property is vital for true freedom. I want the freedom to choose who and what to invest my money in. If I make a good choice, I benefit – a mistake – I pay for it. Socialism is NOT freedom. We demand the choice on trivial things like what cable channels we get, but then would rather the government decide what’s right for use to do with our health and money? What the Crap!


“The other day the oil companies reported the highest profits in the history of the world. I want to take those profits and I want to put them into a strategic energy fund that will begin to fund alternative smart energy alternatives and technologies that will begin to actually move us toward the direction of independence…” -Hillary Clinton

======Emphasis Mine=========

Update: The Video –


11 Responses to “I Want To Take Those Profits – Hillary Clinton”

  1. Elizabeth Colclough Says:

    Most importantly and most critically at stake, here, in my opinion, is her assumption that she, or anyone in government, has any right at all to “take” money from a private company and use it in any way at all–but especially to fund a company’s competitors. Whether or not she, or anyone else for that matter, *likes* the oil companies has no bearing on the fact that

    1) there is a HUGE worldwide demand for oil as a product,

    2) people are clearly willing to pay for this product and

    3) the government does NOT have any right, constitutionally or otherwise, to take money from the oil companies and effectively put them out of business through giving their profits to would-be competitors.

    Economically, the only way for alternative energy sources to thrive in a free market is for them to produce a product that is cost-competitive and efficient enough to compete with oil. But by giving oil company profits to these alternative sources, Hillary would only be artifically making alternative energy sources financially and economically viable. And once she has effectively put the oil companies out of business and they aren’t able to inflate the earnings of the would-be alternative companies, those very alternative companies are going to tank, creating an energy crisis like the world has never seen.

    Points to consider: Hillary is a socialist America-hater who wants to see the oil companies tank, who wants the destruction of the free market, and who probably wishes we’d all fulfill the socialist pipe dream of a utopian, agrarian society. What better way than this to accomplish her goals?

  2. Andrew Says:

    Why not just elect Hugo Chavez?!?

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  4. Hannah Says:

    Just to correct Larry Kudlow, Exxon Mobil is not working on making fuel more green. Yes, other companeys are, but Exxon is not and they are very open about this. It is not the job of Exxon to stop making the very thing that has made them so much money. It is the job of the people to take the demand away and forces them to jump on the train to better energy sources.

  5. whatthecrap? Says:

    And the way consumers do that is by not giving Exxon Mobil their dollars. !!!NOT!!! by asking the government to step in and strong arm them into making changes. Exxon Mobil finds that there is high demand for alternative fuels they will shift their business model. Free Market.

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  8. Patriot Henry Says:

    “Does she think that the oil companies stole this money from people?”

    Yes, actually they do, in the form of tax breaks and corporate welfare. The big oil companies are far from being clean or good. They do look like upstanding citizens compared to Hilary though.

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  10. Joe Bob Says:

    She made a bad choice of words because she was speaking to an audience in which she knew would react favorably. The truth is this is about not giving tax cuts to oil companies. The republicans are going to take her words literally and turn them against her of course. Comparing her to Hugo Chavez; I mean come on people this is so dramatic and sensationalist I can’t believe people are dumb enough to fall for it. I guess your average person just doesn’t pay attention to the world around them.

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