Mac Ads – UK Edition.

You know, despite the somewhat asinine claims in this ad campaign (viruses, spyware, restarting…) – I’ve got to say, to me the UK versions of these commercials are much funnier. Perhaps because the Mac guy comes across as somewhat less of a condescending git.

Collating documents.

Monkey Business

If you want to view the rest check them out on Apple’s UK site.

I guess what gets me about the whole Apple/PC debate is what a hugantic ginormic waste of time it is. Seriously, the whole dilemma can be summed up in – What do you like better?

Similarly – the “who copied who” war is equally pointless. Both Microsoft and Apple adapt ideas from other ones. All good innovation works that way. As a matter of fact – EVERYTHING on any computer is just an adaptation of something that used to be done conventionally.

It would do everyone a lot of good if we all just discussed our preferences. I know – I know, What else are we going to flood blog comments and forums with then???


2 Responses to “Mac Ads – UK Edition.”

  1. Matt Turkington Says:

    Hahaha! Those ARE better! See, I could actually laugh at those because they aren’t marketing BS.

    Who copied who? Apple copied Xerox, Microsoft copied Apple. If Apple wants to whine about being copied, they’re going to have to cede GUI supremacy to Xerox. Otherwise, shut it!

  2. Andrew Says:

    What really matters is whether or not new technology is implemented well and useful.
    For instance: I am stoked to see how Multi-Touch technology is going to be implemented. I could care less who does it first or last. Just the fact that someone does it and does it well – Really – whoever does it the best. Make it work – Get it to the consumer. Me. ;) Come on Future, let’s get this show on the road.

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