Romney’s 5 Step Plan To Prevent A Nuclear Iran: +Audio

From Governor Mitt Romney’s speech at the Seventh Annual Herzliya Conference.


Here’s the mega skinny:

    1. “First, we must continue [to] tighten economic sanctions”.
    2. “Second, we must impose diplomatic isolation of Iran’s Government”.
    3. “Third, Arab states must join this effort to prevent a nuclear Iran”.
    4. “Fourth, we must make it clear that while nuclearization may be a source of pride, it can also be a source of peril”.
    5. “Fifth, our strategy should be integrated into a broader approach to the broader Muslim world”.

      Read the whole schpeal here.
      Not into reading? What the Crap meets your needs! Audio below:

      Audio from yesterday’s HH show.

      One Response to “Romney’s 5 Step Plan To Prevent A Nuclear Iran: +Audio”

      1. elizabethcolclough Says:

        I like his 5-point plan. The points seem fairly direct and logically lead from one to the other. I would be really interested to see the strategies that follow those points, and tangible means to employ those strategies.

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