Ice + Portland Oregon + Morons =?

Here is a classic example of what not to do in icy driving conditions. For someone who grew up in Bend, Or where it was icy all the time – this should be a no brainer. This happened in Portland though and usually the only “weather” they see there is rain. Still – accellerating doesn’t help…


When the insurance company sees this footage I am sure the driver will be permanently black-listed.

Props go out to Adam Evang who flagged this video for me.


6 Responses to “Ice + Portland Oregon + Morons =?”

  1. Johan Says:

    Are they serious? I mean, isn’t Portland, Oregon, like in … the northern US? They must know what snow and ice are, at least.


  2. Andrew Says:

    …Yeah, I know – you’d think.

  3. Matt Turkington Says:

    Hahaha, yeah, I heard about that guy. I was out driving and had a couple close calls with idiots like that. Seriously, if you don’t know what you’re doing, STAY AT HOME! It’s just not worth it, and you’re ruining the roads for those of us who can keep a vehicle under control.

    And, no, we don’t know what snow looks like here. Just rain.

  4. travelingmedicineshow Says:

    That has got to be the most impressive bit of driving inanity I have ever witnessed. What a yutz!

  5. truckerswife Says:

    I guess people learn when they make a mistake , and the results of the consequences.

  6. tutsbear Says:

    Haha what a complete idiot. I live in Washington, I don’t drive if I can’t get any traction. There’s something that he should try, they’re called chains.
    Apparently that idiot didn’t learn from his first mistake when he hit the first car, and then the second, third… yeah…
    did you hear that lady, she’s like “can someone help me get my kids out of the car!!!!” doesn’t seem like anything was safe from those drivers…

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