Best Ways to Post YouTube Vids on Blogs

For those new to blogging and since luvparin asks,

There are really two good ways to post video onto a blog.

The Easy (but slow) Meathod.

  1. If you have a YouTube account you can go into your account settings area.
  2. accoutnsetting.jpg click “Video Posting Settings”.
  3. wtcsetting.jpg Add Blog/Site
  4. You will have to enter your WordPress account UN and PW as well as your site title (Just for your own referance.
  5. Once you have added your site – when you are viewing a vid that you want to post click, “Post Video.”post.jpg
  6. Select your blog – Enter a “title” and subject and hit post.

Now, here is the problem with this method. Firstly – it takes some time before your YouTube vid shows up on your site. (one took about 8 hours one time) Also, it create a stand alone post with just the video you posted in it (not handy if you are trying to include it in something you are already writing about). Last but not least – the “Title” is actually not input as the Post Title – It just adds whatever you entered as a subtitle to the video. You are left with a title-less post. It’s easy to change later but an unnecessary step.

The Best Way.

  1. Find the vidio you want on YouTube.
  2. Copy the video URL (upper right just below tags).url.jpg
  3. Paste it into you post wherever you want the video to appear.
  4. Add youtube= and [] code:

This is easier in my oppinion because you can immediately link a video where you want it.
I hope that helps for those who were wonder. If anyone else has any better ideas let me know!

6 Responses to “Best Ways to Post YouTube Vids on Blogs”

  1. luvparin Says:

    hey thanks a lot buddy…let me try this out…im sure it’ll give some result…thanks anyways…

  2. luvparin Says:

    hey…its workin man…its working…thanks…

  3. Andrew Says:

    Right on, Glad I could help.

  4. engtech Says:

    The second way is definitely the best.

    It’s also easier to post multiple videos in one post, etc.

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