Peeps – Bauer – Lileks : Photoshop Contest

Hugh Hewitt is holding a little Photoshop contest with a ’24’ theme.
“We’re looking for photoshopped of Lileks and Chad the Elder (Peeps)… …and Jack Bauer. All three faces must appear.”

This was the best I could come up with just after a quick internet image sweep. Fun lunch-break project.

Hope you like it!

As a side – The quote of the day during the show:

“[The Golden Globes] they are the award equivalent of Kwanzaa.”

Hewitt and/or Generalissimo

UPDATE: Regarding Peeps – It’s like those Jack-In-The-Box Commercials: “Your head is freakishly large.” (cough)tooboldstan. Perhaps I will have some time for a little color/size re-edit tomorrow!

UPDATE: There – I deflated Peeps head a bit. Better? I intentionally left his eyes red though. I think it adds to the fierceness.

Here’s the old one:



12 Responses to “Peeps – Bauer – Lileks : Photoshop Contest”

  1. Richmond Says:

    24 is the best show ever…

  2. bomberchia Says:

    Even though its simple. I find it very straight to the point because, it really brings out the subject – 24. I love it!

  3. Kevin Says:

    Lileks is a Russian plant! Don’t trust him Jack!

  4. Dave Brown Says:

    I assume that Peeps guy is some sort of pro-Bush Republican. He looks like a young able-bodied guy. Why isn’t he over in Iraq protecting the very survival of our nation?

    Oh, just another big talk ChickenHawk? Got it.

  5. Clement Says:

    Look nice, but color and lighting are not consistent….:)

  6. scopettg Says:

    Not bad. :) We can exchange pointers.
    I am also into graphics… free-lance.
    Here’s welcome to all the friends here at WordPress to my blog as well.

  7. flownover Says:

    north dakota is not russia kevin. besides a sleeper like that would have been activated when reagan was president,not now.

  8. apcurvello Says:

    vlw. muito Show

  9. Mark Says:

    Congrats on getting the Hugh-icane. I once got a link from Peeps when he did a Photoshop Hugh’s Diner contest about 2 years ago. It’s fun to watch your stats go up. The hope is that some people actually read your blog and find reasons there to come back.

  10. » Blog Archive » Photo Of The Week Says:

    […] WhatTheCrap –  Elder, Lileks, and that other […]

  11. 10th Way Says:

    Not bad at all, maybe a little blur tool and photo filters would improve it.

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