Bringing the iPhone into perspective

A Closer Look At The iPhone

Wow – So I checked this one to be posted from YouTube two days ago and now it finally shows up!?!? What the crap? I just figured it wasn’t going to post… I didn’t even have time to write my content before I got comments!

I was going to say exactly what Matt commented below. If you can weed through all the “Most Advanced” blah blah blah – this is actually a cool look at the product. It’s so funny when I read Matt’s comment because that was basically what I was going to write for the post. Some sort of ESP going on here?

I certainly do think some aspects of the product are very advanced.

  1. The User interface is quite cool looking – certainly a step in the right direction – trying to get away from keys and such. That allows the software designers to innovate their own context based control. If you want to call anything “Most Advanced,” this would (appear) to be that feature.
  2. It’s web browser is certainly a step up as well. Of course – much of the cool factor here is based on the controls. I find it silly though that during the Keynote the “Most Advanced Browser” was Safari. A great browser? Sure. Most advanced is marketing Jargon.

So, I guess I echo Matt’s sentiment below (that I had to re-post for some reason…). Let’s talk about the cool new features, the interface, the design – But let’s not get caught in the whirlwind of marketing mumbo-jumbo. The reality – there are devices out there that do many of the same things that the iPhone does for less money. Job’s just hopes and feels that the iPhone does it better, easier, etc. Time will tell.

This interview is a little less of a hype-fest than the Keynote, although, certainly not without it’s own marketing hogwash.

Things to scrap:

  • The interviewer = Tool McToolerson
  • “The best implementation of Google Maps on the planet”
  • “…such a lofty company…”

4 Responses to “Bringing the iPhone into perspective”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Origionally Posted by Matthew Turkington. (Somehow was deleted…)

    new iPod = very cool

    “most advanced phone” = nothing my Treo doesn’t do

    “most advanced internet communication device” = nothing my Treo doesn’t do

    I’m not arguing that the iPhone isn’t wicked sweet. I just wish they would stop making it out to be something it’s not and advertise based on its real features, not hype.

  2. Matt Turkington Says:

    Hahaha! Wow, that’s weird. Glad we’re on the same page, though.

    I was thinking today, while driving in the blizzard and checking my email, that in every demonstration of the iPhone, operation has been two-handed. For me, choosing the Treo over the full-screen PPC6700 – which is closer in design to the iPhone – was mostly due to the fact that they’re much harder to use with one hand. I’m very curious to see how possible that is with the iPhone, because for people on the go, one-handed operation might even be of a higher priority than battery life.

    And as I was writing, I thought of another. What kind of expansion options will they provide? With every other handset on the market, you have the expandability provided by SD, MMC, or CompactFlash, not only for storage, but also nifty devices (like WiFi). Apple is notorious for leaving off expansion options. Has anyone seen anything on the iPhone?

  3. Andrew Says:

    It has the standard iPod expansion port which means there will no doubt be a billion accessories. Just think about the iPod accessory market.

    You are correct about one handed-ness though. I just really hope that it there will be a way to “open” the phone and mod it however you like. Perhaps you could create custom function icon, voice activation, etc. If it was open then people could design things they need rather than having to wait for Apple to figure it out. ;)

  4. arablondoner Says:

    I don’t know – i think from what they have released and said about it, the iphone is definitely inferior to the range of imate phones that have been out for years now.
    The only real “plus” might be that the iphone is a mac OS based system…
    check out the imate on

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