The Duke Injustice – A summary.

Classic American Injustice – View clip Below. Big Time – WHAT THE CRAP?

via: Ham Nation


2 Responses to “The Duke Injustice – A summary.”

  1. emilyishere Says:

    yay i’m the first comment and i just have to say I LOVE YOUTUBE and i LOVE this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s MUCH better than my blog!!!!!! see y’all! :-)
    have a nice day
    keep it real

  2. Media ‘Nifonginates’ the Jena 6 Story « What The Crap? - Says:

    […] stop at nothing to get a story, even when that means destroying innocent peoples lives. As with the Duke Lacrosse non-atrocity, the media jump like a feral beast (as did Mike Nifong) on any story where a white […]

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