Look Ma, No Keyboard!

Or Mouse.

This is the future of computer interfaces. I can picture it now: “We’ll, back in my day, sonny, we had this thing that had the alphabet, numbers, and some other symbols on it…”

Ever Feel like you are being judged?

Or perhaps that you are the punchline to some cruel joke?

Brother In-law: Jesse

Little known fact: Jesse is actually pronounced – Jyessaay. As in, “Get Jyessaay, the wagons gone in the ditch!”

Jesse and I

Obviously, too cool to smile…

HAHAHAHAHA! Never gets old to me.

But then I’m insane.

Romney’s 5 Step Plan To Prevent A Nuclear Iran: +Audio

From Governor Mitt Romney’s speech at the Seventh Annual Herzliya Conference.


Here’s the mega skinny:

    1. “First, we must continue [to] tighten economic sanctions”.
    2. “Second, we must impose diplomatic isolation of Iran’s Government”.
    3. “Third, Arab states must join this effort to prevent a nuclear Iran”.
    4. “Fourth, we must make it clear that while nuclearization may be a source of pride, it can also be a source of peril”.
    5. “Fifth, our strategy should be integrated into a broader approach to the broader Muslim world”.

      Read the whole schpeal here.
      Not into reading? What the Crap meets your needs! Audio below:

      Audio from yesterday’s HH show.

      Death Tolls, Artistic Statements, and Paradox

      Recently a group of people put on a demonstration on the lawns of the University of Oregon. Surrounded by a sea of tiny white flags, a Sign reads:

      655,000 Iraqis have died.

      Each of the 112,000 white flags represent 6 Iraqi soldiers and civilians who have died in the War in Iraq.

      Read the Daily Emerald article. This number comes from the British medical journal Lancet’s study published last October. You can read more about it here. And here.


      Photo: Zac Goodwin

      Now, I just ran a couple of rough calculations for those who might be interested.

      With 4 years (roughly) minus about 150 days (generous – given the study showed up in early October 2006 and coalition forces entered Iraq March 20th 2003) you have 1,310 days of war. That comes to around 500 Iraqi casualties EVERY single day. That’s about 15,000 per month…

      To bounce off a point made here:

      So, when we hear the press toss realistic sounding numbers around like 1,600 or so per month – Oops! Somehow they missing 13,400 other deaths! Likewise – the occasional story of a tragedy here or there killing 30 somehow didn’t mention the 470 that died elsewhere…


      Something to keep in mind during your stroll to class.

      Read Further.

      Steyn Sings about Sandy B.


      Given that WordPress.com finnally allowed people the abuility to upload audio clips I have a perfect test.
      Mark Steyn submitted a few really great songs for Bill Bennett’s “Sandy Berger Lies” contest – Here is the audio replayed from the Hugh Hewitt show:

      Holding out, indeed!

      Highly Advanced 3D Face Animation

      Holy Cow! Someday, how will people know what is real?

      Mark Steyn talks America Alone

      Steyn on Podium

      Mark talked about his new book America Alone (which I highly recommend you read) on the 10th for the Heritage Foundation. Here is the audio clip. Certianly an interesting perspective on the world and the direction it is going.

      In case you have never read or listen to Mark you are in for a treat. He is a literate as he is funny and all without resorting to mud slinging. I will attempt to post some more info here soon. For now – give his speach a listen.

      UPDATE: And here is another great interview from Fraters Libertas. Here, Mark argues the main thesis of America Alone: the main problem we are facing in the world today is a Demographic one. Listen Here.

      Oh, by the way – the image above is Steyn at the Claremont Institute’s Winston Churchill Dinner – I’m sure he looked similar at the Heritage Foundation.

      Best Ways to Post YouTube Vids on WordPress.com Blogs

      For those new to blogging and since luvparin asks,

      There are really two good ways to post video onto a wordpress.com blog.

      The Easy (but slow) Meathod.

      1. If you have a YouTube account you can go into your account settings area.
      2. accoutnsetting.jpg click “Video Posting Settings”.
      3. wtcsetting.jpg Add Blog/Site
      4. You will have to enter your WordPress account UN and PW as well as your site title (Just for your own referance.
      5. Once you have added your site – when you are viewing a vid that you want to post click, “Post Video.”post.jpg
      6. Select your blog – Enter a “title” and subject and hit post.

      Now, here is the problem with this method. Firstly – it takes some time before your YouTube vid shows up on your site. (one took about 8 hours one time) Also, it create a stand alone post with just the video you posted in it (not handy if you are trying to include it in something you are already writing about). Last but not least – the “Title” is actually not input as the Post Title – It just adds whatever you entered as a subtitle to the video. You are left with a title-less post. It’s easy to change later but an unnecessary step.

      The Best Way.

      1. Find the vidio you want on YouTube.
      2. Copy the video URL (upper right just below tags).url.jpg
      3. Paste it into you post wherever you want the video to appear.
      4. Add youtube= and [] code:

      This is easier in my oppinion because you can immediately link a video where you want it.
      I hope that helps for those who were wonder. If anyone else has any better ideas let me know!

      Ice + Portland Oregon + Morons =?

      Here is a classic example of what not to do in icy driving conditions. For someone who grew up in Bend, Or where it was icy all the time – this should be a no brainer. This happened in Portland though and usually the only “weather” they see there is rain. Still – accellerating doesn’t help…


      When the insurance company sees this footage I am sure the driver will be permanently black-listed.

      Props go out to Adam Evang who flagged this video for me.