The Taco Bell $1.98 deal Hack

Taco Bell Logo
So, Back in my obese college days, I used to live next door to a Taco Bell. My favorite deal was always the “$1.98 Deal” because it was cheap and it came with a drink. Here’s what you get in the deal:

1.98 Deal

Normally $3.07 – but with the deal you save $1.09. For those of you slow at math, You basically buy a drink and then for an additional $.59 you get a burrito and a crunchy taco. Wow – now that’s pretty cheap. Since this hot deal is no longer on the menu, I would consider it a hack itself. But that’s not good enough…

Here’s how to save even more:

Often (back in my obese days) I wanted some additional items cause I liked to eat fatty McFat food was a little more hungry. Plus – I also had a “never eat the same item back to back” rule when I would get Taco Bell. Usually I would add on a couple more crunchy tacos, soft tacos, or maybe an extra burrito. What most people don’t realize here is that you can get any two basic items and a drink as the $1.98 Deal. More importantly, most people don’t realize that Soft Tacos and Burritos cost $.10 more than synthetic Crunchy Tacos.


So, with that in mind, I would order the two most expensive items with the Deal and then ask for the other cheaper items on additionally. That will add $.10 to your already ridiculously good deal. While you are at it – you might as well ask for extra cheese and see if they’ll throw that in.

Now, why is $.10 savings a big deal? Think about it – you only have to eat 20: $1.98 deals and then Taco Bell buys you a free one! You’ll be obese in no time.

Taste that food! Dong!

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