America, Stop Whining

If you haven’t heard, Chicago decided not to have the film, “The Nativity Story” at it’s annual Christmas celebration because they were worried about people getting offended and the ACLU getting involved. (= lots of leagal fees.)

Have people in America always been such a bunch of whining babies? Are people being forced at machete point to watch The Nativity Story?
What’s the freekin’ deal? If something offends me I just avoid it or ignore it. I don’t threaten to sue someone cause my “civil liberties” are suddenly under fire.
This is getting way out of hand.

I call to start a National Movement/Petition/whatever called: “CHILL (the crap) OUT!”
The requirements:

  1. I will not whine like a wussie when something offends me.
  2. Unless I am forced to change my belief system by the government, I will refuse to sue.
  3. I will stop being ” a hata'”

If anything, the current interpretation ala: “separation of church and state” has only caused more useless lawsuits, intolerable whining, idiotic collateral government decisions, and a general Un-Sensativity (aka. intolerance…I know – the sacred cow) in the general public.

Anyway, If I was the Mayer in Chicago I would tell people to stuff it. If they don’t think that the Birth of Christ is why Christmas is celebrated then they should go take a History class and stuff a cork in it!


One Response to “America, Stop Whining”

  1. Santa Lover (Randy) Says:

    You make a good point except for the fact that:
    a) If people seriously stopped doing that then what the heck would we have to complain about
    b) Everyone knows that Santa Clause is the real reason for Christmas take any history class and you would figure that out. I am actually pretty sure that santa came right after the big bang, but before we all turned from apes!

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