Did you know: Dick Cheney – a Philanthropist?

A quote by Arthur Brooks on the HH show:

“A few months back, uh, after the tax returns were released from last year there was a kind of a scandal about the fact that Vice President Cheney made so much money. He made about 8 million dollars–he and his wife did, that, you know, the Vice President of the United States is so rich in a country where not everybody’s rich, and so forth and so on. The part of the study–the part of the story you didn’t hear was the fact that the Cheneys gave more than 6 Million dollars away.

The Cheneys are unbelievably charitable. Now this, frankly, doesn’t fit with the pattern that we’re trying to, (in the press, typically) – were [they’re] trying to make of Dick Cheney as a big mean guy, a big Halliburton money grubbing venial guy. In fact, unbelive…I mean, imagine giving away 80% of your paycheck?!?

Interesting, definately worthy of: What the Crap?
Emphasis mine.

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