Microsoft Zune Commercial?!?


Uh, time for a Multiple Choice question:

  • This is what happens to birds when you listen to the Zune…
  • This is what happens when your marketing department sucks…
  • This is exactly why Microsoft is so cool right now…
  • This is cooler than Star Wars Episode I
  • This is not as cool as Jar-Jar Binks


Thanks goes to Randy Vogl for notifying me about this one.


11 Responses to “Microsoft Zune Commercial?!?”

  1. Steve Says:

    That’s One Of The Dumbest Things I’ve Ever Seen…No, That’s Kind Of Harsh. Actually, It IS The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Seen. And What The Heck Is The “Zune”? A Wanna-be iPod? If This Is Supposed To Be A Commercial For A MP3 Player, It Deserves To Be Put Into The Categories Of: Random Crap, Star Wars Crap, Artsy Fartsy Crap, Absolute Horse Crap, Controversial Crap, Techno-Crap…Well, Maybe Not “Techno-Crap”, But The Others Are Well Earned.

    Thanks Andrew For Enlightening Me With An Example Of Absolute Horse Crap. It’s Not Every Day That I Can Partake In Such A Masterfully Poor Attempt At A Commercial.


  2. Andrew Says:

    I know –

    …a definite “Jar-Jar award” winner.

  3. Tim Says:

    You guys have probably seen this, but here’s a funny review of the Zune:,CST-FIN-Andy23.article

  4. Matt Says:

    I want to light birds on fire!

    That review was a little harsh, in my opinion. From what I hear, there’s a lot of stupid things about the Zune: like it not working with WMP (duh!) and the handicapped wifi. I would not buy one as-is. But, I imagine the next version, with these kinks worked out, will be pretty sweet. OR, like with the Xbox, when someone releases a crack that let’s you do wireless sync and DRM-less sharing. How awesome would that be?

    Just remember that critics were skeptical of the original ipod….and honestly, the ipod DOES suck. The audio fidelity is crappy, the AAC codec is on the bottom end of acceptable, and it, like the Zune, is tied to Apple’s proprietary software, unless you crack it. Not to mention they haven’t really had any innovation since the first model. They really pulled a MS: release a product that’s kinda cool, let other people copy you and do it better, then integrate those features into your product and take credit.

    I’m really surprised Apple didn’t get on the wifi or even bluetooth wagon for the ipod a while ago. How could they not see that coming? While all the other manufacturers are busy adding features, Apple’s only concern is size and style. It work…for now…but the ipod really does precious little compared to even the most basic player from someone like Archos or iRiver.

    So, no, I don’t think the Zune will die, just like the xbox didn’t when people questioned it. I think it’ll just take another round to get it right. I’m just impressed they have a good, unique idea for once. Just needs some development.

    My. $.02

  5. Andrew Says:

    I agree with your points completely.
    However – the review is of this strange commercial. I am glad that Apple has some actual competition with the Zune because it will force both products to become better (as a good free market should). The last “updates” to the iPod have been notably disappointing and silly.
    My aim with this post was to mainly make fun of the commercial. Microsoft has a history of bad marketing but also has a history of releasing really decent 2nd Gen. products which is probably what will happen in this case. Just for the record – I thought most of the iPod commercials where pretty boring and stupid too. You have to agree, though, dancing silhouettes isn’t half as “Jar-Jar” as this commercial…

  6. Andrew Says:

    Ok, I admit it – I was making fun of the zune in my heart
    a little…
    Also – I am certain that the reason Apple hasn’t jumped on the wifi bandwagon is because they weren’t happy with how it could work yet (with the DRM mess and all).
    They did jump on the iPod HiFi though….
    The Hifi is a definite Jar-Jar Award winner! What a dogcrap idea. Why would you create a HiFi product that plays mp3s? MP3’s do not create HiFi sound because even losses bit rates are still sampling. If you want a true quality audio experience (especially with Classical music) – try listening to Vinyl.

  7. Matt Says:

    Hahaha….yeah….silly Apple.

    My comment in regard to the review being harsh wasn’t YOUR review of the acid-induced commercial – I agree with that – but of the link Tim posted.


  8. Andrew Says:

    AHA! I see – Hadn’t read the review Tim posted yet…
    I was kinda wondering about that anyway – I read my post several times trying to see how you got a “harsh review” out of it. Hah – Silly me!
    Time for a (non-crappy) quote:

    I long for the coming of chapter two
    To put an end to this cycle of backlash
    So I start where the last chapter ended
    But the veil has been lifted, my thoughts are sifted
    Every wrong is righted…
    ~Project 86

  9. Andrew Says:

    You did hear though, that MS cut a deal with Universal Music Group and they get a buck for every Zune that is sold…

    Now they want $1 for every iPod sold too.

    What’s next – $1 for every mp3 player ever sold?

    = Horse Crap.

  10. Tim Says:

    They’ll probably want 1$ for every computer sold…then car stereos and home dvd players that can also play mp3s…

  11. Randy Says:

    Common guys be easier on the record industries they have it really tough… how are they suppose to keep up with Ashley Simpson’s over bloated salary among many other crappy artists. They deserve to be colossal morons and make us pay for there mistakes :) LOL

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