A Curse on Blog Spammers!

…and all of your household.

Seriously – It’s because of idiot spammers that you always have to type in those stupid scewed random text codes things Word Verifiers. The worst part is that sometimes the word verifiers are so crazy, often, I can’t even figure out what letters are what. Here’s a question: What do you have to gain from leaving spam comments on random blogs? Do you really think people are big enough morons to believe, “I really enjoyed your blog – nice content. Check out my site,”

Ok, I retract that though – people are morons. Still – spam causes so many problems that I think the punishment needs to be heightened. Here are some suggestions:

  • Public Butt whipping
  • Tatoo on forhead: “Word Verification – PUNCHMEINTHEFACE – before submitting post.”
  • Wrecking ball to the groin
  • Hose down with poison oak/ivy oils
  • Dismemberment
  • Beheading

Anyway, perhaps I am getting carried away. Either way – Blog comment spam get’s my “What the Crap?” for the day.

Word Verification:


Type the word above to leave a comment:


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