Is the Hugh Hewitt Podcast the greatest?

radio.gifI listen to the Hugh Hewitt radio show all the time at work for many reasons?

  • The podcast episodes are commercial free
  • Hugh is logical in the way he discusses issues
  • Each hour is separated for downloading so you get a smaller file at a time
  • Hugh is clear about his position and does not try to pull out the, “I’m Unbiased” crap-pile that most people do.
  • The Show is dang funny!

Well, at least the latest one where they were poking fun at Kenny Loggins Christmas music and Canadian Mobs was hilarious. It was especially nice to take a bit of the sting away surrounding political discussion.
Great show, interesting guests and topics, no commercials, Not a butt-kisser – Check it out here.

Let me know what you think!


3 Responses to “Is the Hugh Hewitt Podcast the greatest?”

  1. Tim Says:

    Hugh is good. I also recommend checking out the radio show called “This American Life” It’s a weekly radio show featuring several stories along a common topic line. I don’t always agree with the content, but the content is always worth thinking about. It’s also a commercial free broadcast.

    And check out for the best past episodes

  2. Philip Nelson Says:

    Do you happen to know the URL for the Hugh podcast? The ones I’ve found don’t end with “.xml” and I can’t seem to download any episodes with the ones gives me.

  3. American Pundit Fighting Says:

    I am a fan of Hugh Hewitt’s and ‘This American Life’. Don’t know if there’s a natural correlation though.

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