Inconsistent Explorer

Internet Explorer (any version) is a piece of crap on the ground. Every time you fix a bug (that only exists in IE) it completely screws the layout and/or functionality of your site in every other browser.
What really kills me though is the inconsistency. It would be possible to fix a problem by elimination if it happened all the time, but that is not the case.

It’s like gambling – one time you load the page, it loads perfectly. You breath a sigh of relief… But wait – you reload the page and suddenly – DIFFERENT RESULTS?!? How is it possible to read code differently twice. Let me illustrate:

Code = list of steps:

  1. Draw a square
  2. Fill with black

Normal browsers return this:


Every time. Now – IE:


ie refresh 1…
white blob
ie refresh 2…
Get the picture?


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