Beware: Cylons are invading our homes!

Their first move will be to infiltrate our homes doing seemingly helpful tasks…


So, Science Fiction aside – I would like to say that for once in a great while I am very impressed with a consumer product. I don’t know what it is about robots but it must be human nature to assume that they suck. I guess, that makes sense, really, because every [real] robot I had ever seen before could barely move around, let alone do something useful. Well, what a surprise to be proven wrong.

Liz and I registered for one of these things (Roomba Discovery) as a wedding gift – half kidding, but half curios. I had already spent a couple hours researching the idea of a robot vacuum online. I was highly surprised that nearly all reviews of the product were positive. Still, I was skeptical. I mean, it’s a robot for crying out loud!

Well, we ended up getting one. Liz and I figured – what the heck – if it sucks (or doesn’t so well) we can just take it back. It is amazing!

I know what you are thinking. “Oh, come on – how long does it take to vacuum your house?” Well, now I can mop the kitchen and vacuum the house at the same time. You wouldn’t believe it but it actually saves a lot of time. It’s a great feeling to start it up and leave the house, only to return a short while later and your floors are totally clean – and the Roomba is back charging at its station. Sure – you aren’t going to get the suction power of a Dyson – but that’s not the point. You can run the Roomba more often so your floors are cleaner more of the time. Plus – it get into crazy spots you could never get to with a normal vacuum (under the couch). Also – it’s not all that noisy. The best part – you can do SOMETHING ELSE while it vacuums (get dinner ready, set up the house for friends, go work out, or take a nap). Did I mention I’m about $250 richer owning the Roomba than a Dyson too?
All you have to do is empty it’s dust bin and clean it occasionally.

So here’s to all you Rube’s that said it was a waste: Let’s review –

Traditional Vacuum

  1. Pay twice as much
  2. Get it out of the closet
  3. Unravel the stupid cord
  4. Be annoyed by loud noise
  5. Push it back and forth around the house
  6. Wrap the cord back up again
  7. Put away


  1. Press Clean
  2. Do something else.

4 Responses to “Beware: Cylons are invading our homes!”

  1. Matt Says:

    My offer still stands to reprogram the infrared home-finding beam as a leg-slicing laser security system…..

  2. Andrew Says:

    Maybe I can build a robot that designs standard compliant websites 40 hours a week…

  3. Liz Says:

    I will add that I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an amazing vacuum in all my life. Here is the question you need to ask, whether you own a true junker or a $500 Dyson: Does your vacuum clean your floors by itself? A simple yes or no answer will tell you if you’re wasting your time or getting your floors cleaned every day without more effort than pushing the “clean” button. If the cylons are coming, please tell them to stop at my house and offer any floor-mopping, dusting, cooking, massaging, and laundry services they are eager to take over in my life. I think we can negotiate a way for them to have these tasks as their own. I LOVE ROBOTS. I think we need a ROBOT REVOLUTION!

  4. Robotic Cooking :: Crock-bot « A.d.c Says:

    […] So, earlier in my review of the Roomba I came to thinking, “If only there were a robot that could cook too.” Well – I realized that I have one (sort of). […]

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