Now Robbie – who should you never bet?

ha ha,
…bet looser.

Give up? Multiple Choice, again:

  • Enoch H.
  • Jimmy Q.
  • Your bottom dollar
  • 5 Bucks

America, Stop Whining

If you haven’t heard, Chicago decided not to have the film, “The Nativity Story” at it’s annual Christmas celebration because they were worried about people getting offended and the ACLU getting involved. (= lots of leagal fees.)

Have people in America always been such a bunch of whining babies? Are people being forced at machete point to watch The Nativity Story?
What’s the freekin’ deal? If something offends me I just avoid it or ignore it. I don’t threaten to sue someone cause my “civil liberties” are suddenly under fire.
This is getting way out of hand.

I call to start a National Movement/Petition/whatever called: “CHILL (the crap) OUT!”
The requirements:

  1. I will not whine like a wussie when something offends me.
  2. Unless I am forced to change my belief system by the government, I will refuse to sue.
  3. I will stop being ” a hata'”

If anything, the current interpretation ala: “separation of church and state” has only caused more useless lawsuits, intolerable whining, idiotic collateral government decisions, and a general Un-Sensativity (aka. intolerance…I know – the sacred cow) in the general public.

Anyway, If I was the Mayer in Chicago I would tell people to stuff it. If they don’t think that the Birth of Christ is why Christmas is celebrated then they should go take a History class and stuff a cork in it!

Microsoft Zune Commercial?!?


Uh, time for a Multiple Choice question:

  • This is what happens to birds when you listen to the Zune…
  • This is what happens when your marketing department sucks…
  • This is exactly why Microsoft is so cool right now…
  • This is cooler than Star Wars Episode I
  • This is not as cool as Jar-Jar Binks


Thanks goes to Randy Vogl for notifying me about this one.

Get that stupid Camera out of my face!


…before I slash you where it counts.

What? Got a problem…?

Jimmy’s cat loves photographs. Cat’s have the best “annoyed face”.

Did you know: Dick Cheney – a Philanthropist?

A quote by Arthur Brooks on the HH show:

“A few months back, uh, after the tax returns were released from last year there was a kind of a scandal about the fact that Vice President Cheney made so much money. He made about 8 million dollars–he and his wife did, that, you know, the Vice President of the United States is so rich in a country where not everybody’s rich, and so forth and so on. The part of the study–the part of the story you didn’t hear was the fact that the Cheneys gave more than 6 Million dollars away.

The Cheneys are unbelievably charitable. Now this, frankly, doesn’t fit with the pattern that we’re trying to, (in the press, typically) – were [they’re] trying to make of Dick Cheney as a big mean guy, a big Halliburton money grubbing venial guy. In fact, unbelive…I mean, imagine giving away 80% of your paycheck?!?

Interesting, definately worthy of: What the Crap?
Emphasis mine.

A Curse on Blog Spammers!

…and all of your household.

Seriously – It’s because of idiot spammers that you always have to type in those stupid scewed random text codes things Word Verifiers. The worst part is that sometimes the word verifiers are so crazy, often, I can’t even figure out what letters are what. Here’s a question: What do you have to gain from leaving spam comments on random blogs? Do you really think people are big enough morons to believe, “I really enjoyed your blog – nice content. Check out my site,”

Ok, I retract that though – people are morons. Still – spam causes so many problems that I think the punishment needs to be heightened. Here are some suggestions:

  • Public Butt whipping
  • Tatoo on forhead: “Word Verification – PUNCHMEINTHEFACE – before submitting post.”
  • Wrecking ball to the groin
  • Hose down with poison oak/ivy oils
  • Dismemberment
  • Beheading

Anyway, perhaps I am getting carried away. Either way – Blog comment spam get’s my “What the Crap?” for the day.

Word Verification:


Type the word above to leave a comment:

Is the Hugh Hewitt Podcast the greatest?

radio.gifI listen to the Hugh Hewitt radio show all the time at work for many reasons?

  • The podcast episodes are commercial free
  • Hugh is logical in the way he discusses issues
  • Each hour is separated for downloading so you get a smaller file at a time
  • Hugh is clear about his position and does not try to pull out the, “I’m Unbiased” crap-pile that most people do.
  • The Show is dang funny!

Well, at least the latest one where they were poking fun at Kenny Loggins Christmas music and Canadian Mobs was hilarious. It was especially nice to take a bit of the sting away surrounding political discussion.
Great show, interesting guests and topics, no commercials, Not a butt-kisser – Check it out here.

Let me know what you think!