Flickr Trouble

Well–I was going to post a few new designs today for everyone to look
at. (By everyone I of course mean “everyone on earth” cause I know that
every day at least 3 to 5 billion people check out my page) However, (the site that hosts my images) is down momentarily
because of a hardware malfunction of some sort. I am betting that an
electrician accidentally sneezed into the storage warehouse’s breaker
box and it blew him off his ladder. That happens a lot actually. I’m
sure he will be fine.
Even though this event is annoying, don’t let it make you think any
less of Flickr. Amidst the gigantic heap of garbage that the Internet
consists of, is one of the sites that really is
superb……… well as my old site of
Anyway, check back soon for a real post.