A Cute Poem for Valentine’s Day


I came accross this at Minor Tweaks and nearly died!
Cute overloaded

Cute: A sleeping kitten
Cuter: Several kittens sleeping in a basket
Cutest: Several kittens sleeping in a basket held by Reese Witherspoon

Cute: A panda
Cuter: A panda wearing a top hat
Cutest: A panda wearing a top hat and twirling a ruby-studded cane

Cute: A baby
Cuter: A smiling baby
Cutest: A smiling baby atop a miniature carriage being pulled by a team of bunnies

Cute: A button
Cuter: A little button
Cutest: A button so little that, at first glance, it appears to be a flea or a speck of dust but upon further inspection is confirmed to be an extremely small and completely useless button. But cute. Very, very cute.


AHAHAHAHA! Happy Valentines Day!!!

Time to eat tuti fruities and blow on sunflowers while frolicking around with baby ponies through tulips and rainbows surrounded by faeries and butterflies and perhaps wear little shawls with tiny tiny buttons on them.

Society For Ethnomusicology Against Music as Torture

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was tortured by the University of Oregon (according to the Society For Ethnomusicology)

I was forced to listen to John Cage’s 4:33 during a digital video class. There is no more brutal, ruthless, nay – heinous form of torture in existence.

WARNING: By watching the video below you agree not to hold whatthecrap.wordpress.com responsible for any emotional, physical, or psychological damage. View at your own risk.

I nearly lost control of my bowels… 

Here is a little interview with Professor Philip Bohlman of the University of Chicago: the president of the Society of Ethnomusicologists. Good to know that the Society did it’s homework before making it’s statement…

Firefox to Warp 10 – Engage

If you have Broadband, this will double your download speed in Firefox. I will include the transcript to the video tutorial below. Huge props to Mac Talk.

Maybe I am the last one on the planet to do this but – Boom!!!



  1. Open Foxfire (ha!) Firefox
  2. in URL box type “about:config” >Enter
  3. In Filter type: “network
  4. scroll to Network.http.pipelining
  5. Change to “True” (Double click)
  6. Change network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to “10
  7. Quit Firefox and re-launch


UPDATE: Confirmed on PC by Matt and Jon

To Brush, Or not to Brush?

I Want To Take Those Profits – Hillary Clinton

You know, when I started this blog I wasn’t planning to write so much about political crap but there are so many asinine things going on these days, I couldn’t help it.

Educate yourself – Here’s a discussion over a clip from Hillary Clinton by Larry Kudlow and Hugh Hewitt a few days ago: UPDATEVideo at bottom

  1. I apologize for the shrillness (keep in mind – if she becomes president in 08, that’s the voice you are going to have to hear all the time). Coincidentally, I have included a cliff-notes style transcript below…
  2. Does she think that the oil companies stole this money from people?
  3. Does she even have the most basic clue about how business and economics works?

What do people do with Profits? They invest them. Either in more business (expansion, jobs, process, R&D, better facilities) or Other companies (Includes buying things from them: helps them do the same stuff just mentioned).

Here is the big point though. Who would you rather have working on Alt. Fuels: Government Money, or Private Money? In business there is a bottom line. A product must be desired or needed to be profitable. Therefore – private business will have to create a better alt. fuel vehicle cheaper and more innovative than government. If their product isn’t affordable and worth it – they go bankrupt. That’s huge incentive to do it right. Private companies have to offer you something you value more than your money.

Government has no bottom line. They throw money at something whether or not it is really a good idea or not. The product does not necessarily have to be profitable or innovative. Worst of all – if they don’t make their budget, what happens? They ask for more money!!! And guess what – government is the only entity that can force you to give them money.

This is the thing I just cannot understand about Socialists. How can you trust government to do a better job at something than yourself? Private Property is vital for true freedom. I want the freedom to choose who and what to invest my money in. If I make a good choice, I benefit – a mistake – I pay for it. Socialism is NOT freedom. We demand the choice on trivial things like what cable channels we get, but then would rather the government decide what’s right for use to do with our health and money? What the Crap!


“The other day the oil companies reported the highest profits in the history of the world. I want to take those profits and I want to put them into a strategic energy fund that will begin to fund alternative smart energy alternatives and technologies that will begin to actually move us toward the direction of independence…” -Hillary Clinton

======Emphasis Mine=========

Update: The Video -

Mac Ads – UK Edition.

You know, despite the somewhat asinine claims in this ad campaign (viruses, spyware, restarting…) – I’ve got to say, to me the UK versions of these commercials are much funnier. Perhaps because the Mac guy comes across as somewhat less of a condescending git.

Collating documents.

Monkey Business

If you want to view the rest check them out on Apple’s UK site.

I guess what gets me about the whole Apple/PC debate is what a hugantic ginormic waste of time it is. Seriously, the whole dilemma can be summed up in – What do you like better?

Similarly – the “who copied who” war is equally pointless. Both Microsoft and Apple adapt ideas from other ones. All good innovation works that way. As a matter of fact – EVERYTHING on any computer is just an adaptation of something that used to be done conventionally.

It would do everyone a lot of good if we all just discussed our preferences. I know – I know, What else are we going to flood blog comments and forums with then???


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